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What is 06435K56N01?

06435K56N01 is a specific part number that refers to a particular type of electronic component. In this article, we will explore what this part number represents and its significance in the world of electronics.

Decoding the Part Number

The part number 06435K56N01 can be broken down into several sections, each providing information about the component.

  • 06: This initial section of the part number indicates that it is a type of semiconductor device.
  • 435: This section represents the specific device type, which in this case is a thyristor.
  • K: This letter indicates the type of thyristor, which is a fast-switching thyristor.
  • 56: This section represents the voltage rating of the device, which is 5600V in this case.
  • N01: This final section represents the package type and other specifications of the device.

What is a Thyristor?

A thyristor is a type of semiconductor device that acts as a switch, controlling the flow of electrical current. It is commonly used in power electronic circuits to switch high-voltage and high-current loads.

Thyristors have several advantages over other types of switches, including:

  • High power handling: Thyristors can handle high voltage and current levels, making them suitable for use in power electronic circuits.
  • Fast switching: Thyristors can switch on and off rapidly, allowing for efficient control of electrical loads.
  • Low power loss: Thyristors have low power loss during operation, making them efficient and reducing heat generation.

Applications of 06435K56N01

The 06435K56N01 thyristor is commonly used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Power supplies: This thyristor is used in high-voltage power supplies to control the output voltage and current.
  • Motor control: It is used in motor control circuits to switch the motor on and off and control its speed.
  • Industrial automation: The 06435K56N01 is used in industrial automation systems to control high-voltage and high-current loads.


In conclusion, the 06435K56N01 is a specific type of thyristor that is widely used in power electronic circuits. Its high power handling, fast switching, and low power loss make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. By understanding the part number and its significance, designers and engineers can select the right component for their specific needs.

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