07-ghost Ayanami X Teito Fanfiction

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07-ghost Ayanami X Teito Fanfiction

07-Ghost: Ayanami x Teito Fanfiction

For fans of the popular anime and manga series 07-Ghost, the pairing of Ayanami and Teito is a fascinating and intriguing one. While the series itself does not explicitly explore their relationship, fans have taken it upon themselves to create their own fanfiction stories that delve into the possibilities of this captivating couple.

The Characters


Ayanami is a complex and enigmatic character, serving as the main antagonist of the series. With his cold and calculating demeanor, he is a force to be reckoned with. However, beneath his tough exterior lies a deep sense of sorrow and loneliness. His troubled past and ambiguous motives make him a compelling character, and his interactions with Teito are always filled with tension and suspense.

Teito Klein

Teito, on the other hand, is the protagonist of the series. With his kind heart and strong sense of justice, he is a beacon of hope in a world filled with darkness. His determination to uncover the truth about his past and his connection to the mysterious Ayanami makes him a relatable and endearing character.

The Fanfiction

Fanfiction stories featuring Ayanami and Teito explore a range of possibilities, from tender moments of vulnerability to intense and passionate encounters. Some stories delve into the darker aspects of their relationship, examining the psychological dynamics at play and the power struggles between them. Others focus on the softer side, imagining a romantic connection that blossoms despite the odds against them.

Popular Fanfiction Tropes

Forbidden Love

One of the most compelling aspects of Ayanami x Teito fanfiction is the forbidden nature of their love. As enemy and protagonist, their relationship is fraught with danger and tension, making their interactions all the more intense and emotional.


Many fanfictions explore the hurt/comfort trope, where one character provides solace and comfort to the other in times of emotional distress. This type of story allows for a deeper exploration of their emotional connections and vulnerabilities.

Alternate Universe

Alternate universe fanfictions offer a fresh take on the original story, imagining scenarios where Ayanami and Teito meet under different circumstances or exist in a world where their roles are reversed. This allows fans to explore new possibilities and dynamics between the two characters.


Ayanami x Teito fanfiction offers a fascinating glimpse into the complexities and nuances of their relationship. By exploring the possibilities of their connection, fans can delve deeper into the characters' psyches and emotions, creating a richer and more immersive experience. Whether you're a seasoned fan of the series or just discovering the world of 07-Ghost, Ayanami x Teito fanfiction is sure to captivate and intrigue.

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