07 Ghost Soundtrack

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07 Ghost Soundtrack

07 Ghost Soundtrack: A Hauntingly Beautiful Composition

The 07 Ghost anime series, based on the manga of the same name by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara, is known for its intricate plot, memorable characters, and stunning animation. However, one aspect that often goes unmentioned is the series' soundtrack, which is a masterclass in emotional depth and atmospheric composition.

The Composer: Yuki Kaijura

Yuki Kaijura, a Japanese composer and music producer, is the mastermind behind the 07 Ghost soundtrack. With a background in creating music for various anime, games, and commercials, Kaijura brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her work on 07 Ghost is a testament to her skill, elevating the series to new heights with her hauntingly beautiful compositions.

The Soundtrack: A Sonic tapestry

The 07 Ghost soundtrack is a sonic tapestry woven from a diverse range of instruments and sounds. From the haunting whispers of the glass harmonica to the soaring strings of the violin, each element is carefully crafted to evoke a specific emotional response. The soundtrack is divided into two main themes: the haunting, atmospheric tracks that accompany the series' more introspective moments, and the pulse-pounding, action-oriented tracks that fuel the show's intense battle scenes.

Atmospheric Tracks

The atmospheric tracks, often featuring solo instruments or sparse ensembles, create an air of tension and foreboding. "Raggs' Theme", with its mournful violin and haunting piano, perfectly captures the character's tragic backstory. "The Land of the Gods", featuring a solitary harmonica, transports the listener to a desolate, otherworldly realm. These tracks are expertly crafted to draw the listener into the world of 07 Ghost, evoking feelings of unease and uncertainty.

Action Tracks

The action tracks, on the other hand, are high-energy, pulse-pounding affairs. "Battle Cry", with its driving guitar riffs and pounding drums, is the perfect accompaniment to the series' intense battle scenes. "Bishop's Theme", featuring a bold, militaristic vibe, perfectly captures the character's confident, assertive personality. These tracks are designed to get the listener's heart racing, matching the intensity of the on-screen action.


The 07 Ghost soundtrack is a masterclass in emotional depth and atmospheric composition. Yuki Kaijura's expert craftsmanship weaves a sonic tapestry that perfectly complements the series' intricate plot and memorable characters. Whether you're a fan of the anime or simply a lover of music, the 07 Ghost soundtrack is an essential listen.


  • Raggs' Theme
  • The Land of the Gods
  • Battle Cry
  • Bishop's Theme
  • ...and many more!

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