07 Ghost Teito Klein

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07 Ghost Teito Klein

07-Ghost: The Story of Teito Klein


07-Ghost is a popular manga and anime series created by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara. The story revolves around Teito Klein, a young boy who becomes involved in a mysterious and ancient war between powerful forces. In this article, we will delve into the character of Teito Klein and explore his journey in the world of 07-Ghost.

Teito Klein: The Protagonist

Teito Klein is the main protagonist of the 07-Ghost series. He is a young boy with a mysterious past, who is known for his exceptional fighting skills and agility. Teito is a student at the Barsburg Empire's Military Academy, where he is trained to become a master of the ancient art of Zaiphon. Zaiphon is a powerful, magical energy that can be harnessed and manipulated by certain individuals.

Teito's Backstory

Teito's past is shrouded in mystery, and his true identity is unknown even to himself. He has no memories of his life before the age of six, when he was found by the Military Academy's principal, Frau. Frau took Teito under his wing and taught him the ways of Zaiphon, recognizing his exceptional talent. As Teito grows older, he begins to experience strange visions and dreams, which eventually lead him to uncover the truth about his past.

The Journey Begins

Teito's life takes a dramatic turn when he is accused of treason and sentenced to death. However, he manages to escape and flee to the 7th District, a hidden world within the Barsburg Empire. It is here that he meets the three priests of the 7th District: Castor, Labrador, and Frau. The priests reveal to Teito that he is the key to unlocking an ancient power, and that his memories hold the secret to the empire's survival.

Teito's Relationships

Throughout the series, Teito forms strong bonds with various characters, including:

  • Frau: Teito's mentor and father figure, who helps him unlock his true potential.
  • Hakuren Oak: A fellow student at the Military Academy, who becomes Teito's rival and friend.
  • Castor: One of the three priests of the 7th District, who becomes a close ally and confidant.


Teito Klein is a complex and intriguing character, whose journey in the world of 07-Ghost is filled with action, drama, and mystery. With his exceptional fighting skills and determination to uncover the truth, Teito becomes a powerful force in the battle against evil. As the story unfolds, Teito's relationships with other characters deepen, and his true identity is slowly revealed. 07-Ghost is a captivating series that explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery, making it a must-read for fans of manga and anime.

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