070 Shake You Can't Kill Me Songs

3 min read Jul 11, 2024
070 Shake You Can't Kill Me Songs

070 Shake - You Can't Kill Me: A Sonic Revolution

Who is 070 Shake?

070 Shake, born Danielle Balbuena, is a rising star in the music industry. This American rapper, singer, and songwriter from North Bergen, New Jersey, has been making waves with her unique sound and unapologetic lyrics. Shake's music is a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic elements, which sets her apart from other artists in the industry.

The Album - You Can't Kill Me

Released in 2022, You Can't Kill Me is 070 Shake's sophomore album. The album is a testament to Shake's growth as an artist and her ability to experiment with different sounds and themes. You Can't Kill Me features 12 tracks, each one showcasing Shake's lyrical prowess and vocal range.

Songs and Themes

The album explores themes of love, heartbreak, mental health, and self-empowerment. Shake's lyrics are raw and honest, making the album a relatable and emotional listen.

1. "Web"

The album opener "Web" sets the tone for the rest of the album. Shake's introspective lyrics and soaring vocals create a sense of urgency and longing.

2. "Faraklan'd"

This high-energy track features Shake's signature rapid-fire flow and a catchy hook. "Faraklan'd" is an ode to self-love and acceptance.

3. "Body"

This sensual slow burner showcases Shake's vocal range and emotional depth. "Body" is a heartfelt exploration of desire and intimacy.

4. "Yellowgirl"

This hauntingly beautiful track features Shake's signature vocal harmonies and a minimalist beat. "Yellowgirl" is a poignant exploration of identity and belonging.

5. "Cocoon"

This ethereal electronic-infused track features Shake's signature introspective lyrics and a soaring chorus. "Cocoon" is a powerful exploration of growth and transformation.


You Can't Kill Me is a sonic masterpiece that solidifies 070 Shake's position as a rising star in the music industry. With its themes of self-empowerment, love, and mental health, this album is a must-listen for anyone looking for honest and relatable music.

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