0742 Telephone Area Code

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0742 Telephone Area Code

0742 Telephone Area Code

The 0742 telephone area code is a geographic dialling code used in the United Kingdom. It is allocated to the Northampton area in England.


The 0742 area code covers the town of Northampton and its surrounding areas, including Duston, Kingsthorpe, and Abington. It is located in the East Midlands region of England.


The 0742 area code was introduced in 1995 as part of a national renumbering programme. Prior to this, the area was served by the 0604 code.

Numbering Format

The 0742 area code uses the following numbering format:

  • 0742 xxxx xxxx


The 0742 area code covers a number of exchanges, including:

Northampton Exchanges

  • Northampton Central: 0742 2xxxxx
  • Northampton West: 0742 5xxxxx
  • Kingsthorpe: 0742 6xxxxx
  • Duston: 0742 7xxxxx

Nearby Exchanges

  • Daventry: 01327 xxxxxx
  • Weedon: 01327 xxxxxx
  • Towcester: 01327 xxxxxx


As with all UK geographic area codes, calls to the 0742 area code are charged at standard geographic rates. There are no special restrictions or premium rates associated with this code.


The 0742 telephone area code is an essential part of the UK's telephone network, serving the Northampton area and its surrounding regions. Understanding the format, coverage, and restrictions of this code is important for effective communication and billing purposes.

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