08.40 Bahasa Inggrisnya

2 min read Jul 11, 2024
08.40 Bahasa Inggrisnya

Eight Forty in English

in Bahasa Indonesia is equivalent to 8:40 in English. This time can be written in various ways, including:

Eight Forty

This is the most common way to express 08:40 in English. It is used in both formal and informal writing.

Eight Forty A.M.

This expression is used to specify that the time is in the morning. The abbreviation "A.M." stands for Ante Meridiem, which is Latin for "before midday."

8:40 AM

This is a more casual way to write 08:40 in English. The "AM" is often used in digital clocks and informal writing.

Half Past Eight

This expression is used in more formal situations or in spoken English. It emphasizes that the time is 40 minutes past eight o'clock.

In conclusion, Eight Forty is the English equivalent of 08.40, and it can be expressed in various ways depending on the context and level of formality.

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