082-062 Bank Code

4 min read Jul 11, 2024
082-062 Bank Code

082-062 Bank Code: What You Need to Know


When it comes to online banking and financial transactions, accuracy is crucial. One small mistake can lead to significant consequences, including delayed or lost payments. That's why understanding bank codes is essential. In this article, we'll delve into the 082-062 bank code, its significance, and how it works.

What is a Bank Code?

A bank code, also known as a bank identification code or SWIFT code, is a unique identification code assigned to a specific bank or financial institution. It's used to identify the bank and facilitate international financial transactions. Bank codes typically consist of 3-6 digits and are usually used in conjunction with other identifying information, such as the account number and routing number.

What is 082-062 Bank Code?

The 082-062 bank code is assigned to Bank Mandiri, one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Bank Mandiri is a state-owned bank that provides a wide range of financial services, including consumer banking, corporate banking, and investment banking.

How Does 082-062 Bank Code Work?

The 082-062 bank code is used to identify Bank Mandiri in financial transactions. When you initiate a transaction, such as a money transfer or payment, you'll need to provide the recipient's bank code, account number, and other identifying information. The 082-062 bank code tells the system that the transaction is intended for Bank Mandiri.

Here's an example of how the 082-062 bank code works:

  • ** Sender:** You initiate a money transfer to a recipient with an account at Bank Mandiri.
  • Recipient's Information: The recipient provides their account number, routing number, and bank code (082-062).
  • Transaction Processing: The transaction is processed through the banking system, which uses the 082-062 bank code to identify Bank Mandiri as the recipient's bank.
  • Funds Transfer: The funds are transferred to the recipient's account at Bank Mandiri.


In conclusion, the 082-062 bank code is a unique identification code assigned to Bank Mandiri, one of Indonesia's largest banks. Understanding bank codes is crucial for accurate and efficient financial transactions. Remember to always verify the bank code, account number, and routing number before initiating a transaction to ensure that your funds are transferred correctly.

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